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Marina, 23 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Hello Everyone, I Marina, a brunette Escort in Moscow. I may not have a pretty face like most of you desire, but blessed with sexy figure, long legs with a beautiful bosom and fabulous as a lover. I start my love process with a sizzling sexy dance and then coming into your arms so that you can kiss, explore and play with my body in your own style. I am an easy going person and can make any person comfortable through my amiable nature. With me, there more would be feeling of going out with a friend than a paid Call girl. I love it when you treat me as your friend, put your hands on my shoulder even share your close feelings without any hesitation. For that, I can take you out for dinner dates, make a glass of wine to relax your spirits when you enter my place or give you a massage to sooth your body. I do not like pub atmosphere as I am not comfortable with drinking. But if you persist, I can accompany you there, however I seldom cross my limits while drinking. Call my firm or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to please you in best possible way.

  • Age23
  • Weight58
  • Height174
  • Breasts2