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Riona, 21 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Hello Everyone, I am Riona, a Brazilian samba dancer cum professional escort Moscow. I am blonde with natural curves, big bosom and a flawless skin. I am well suited to pick up in case you are looking for a mind blowing action in bed. I will seduce you through erotic dances like samba, striptease and then come closer to you so that you can flirt with my beautiful body. I love it when you run your hands over my bare back, kiss me passionately from top to bottom and finally give you a sugary delight through multiple KS positions. I am as good in playing your romantic companion too. I have always been comfortable with boys from my school days. I get extremely friendly with men and ensure that they are in their best mood with me. I can enjoy listening to your inner thoughts till wee hours of night. I can accompany you for romantic dinner dates, social parties, evening outs even on weekend getaways too. So, if you like my profile, do make a reservation on phone or email to get my beautiful service.

  • Age21
  • Weight53
  • Height169
  • Breasts2