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Pata, 22 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Pata. Escort Moscow

Hello Everyone, I am Pata, working as Moscow escort. I am from Uzbekistan and works as a courtesan to support my family back in my country. I am petite with fine bosom, black hair and lovely brown eyes. I am well expert in various love techniques. I would start with a deep French kiss to arouse your passion, and then encourage you to take off my dress, play with my bosom and kiss me from top to bottom. I love it when you appreciate my body through kissing and like to submit myself completely to you once you start rolling your lips. In the end, I spread my legs wide open so that you can insert yourself completely inside my body. Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I just love having fun with handsome Russian men and extremely fond of getting laid with you.

  • Age22
  • Weight52
  • Height169
  • Breasts3