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Delfina, 23 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Delfina. Escort Moscow

Hi darling. I am Delfina, your escort in Moscow to have a date today. I have my own fashion company, and I can say that it goes really good. I work as escort because I really have fun meeting men and feeling unique experiences with them. It's incredible when you connect with someone you just met. Sometime, it's because a word. Sometimes, it's because a sight. Sometimes, it's a sexual connection. Either way, it gives me the change of feeling. Being an entrepeneur is hard, and I don't have much time to meet people and stablish some kind of relationship. This work as escort allows me to do that and I also earn some good money to invest in my company. I am a very sensual girl and I know a lot about sex and accompaniment. I am very flexible, and I can adapt to any situation you would require. Maybe you are looking for a girlfriend experience, in which I will be your most loving and dedicated girl. Or maybe you are looking for a wild girl who asks you for hard sex and dirty talking. I can be anything you want, and I will make our time together something magical. Our date will be as important for me as for you. I want to be your prefered escort in Moscow, and I will do everything I need to get that.

  • Age23
  • Weight50
  • Height168
  • Breasts2