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Ivona, 20 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Ivona. Escort Moscow

Yes! You landed here! It's really nice to have you here. I am Ivona, and I'm working as escort in Moscow since a few weeks ago. I'm that sweet lover you were looking for. Not only that. I want you to take a look at my pictures. Done? Yes, those tits are real. And natural. I love them, and I know that you also love them. Imagine what we can do with them. I always had those big two and I have to say that they're wonderful. My tits give me a lot of pleasure. Not only because you touch, suck and lick them. When a man see my tits, his eyes start to spin and his temperature starts to elevate. It's nice to see that, he he. Besides that, I have a curvy body. I'm not one of those thin and snooty girls you could find in other places. I have curves. And they're beautiful. I'm a naughty girl who loves games in bed. Roles, toys and innovation. All my relationships are different and I adapt perfectly to any personality you could have or any special fantasy you could have in mind. Just take your time and let me know what do you want me to be. Or to do. I will be waiting for you. Once you're ready, I will be the best escort in Moscow for you and you will want to repeat again and again. Be careful, I'm an addiction.

  • Age20
  • Weight54
  • Height175
  • Breasts4