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VIP escorts in Moscow

Avrora, 23 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Avrora. Escort Moscow

Avrora is one Moscow escort whom you won’t be tired of making love. She is spicy hot having slender figure, perfect breasts and long smooth legs. She usually wears t-shirt and short knickers like a cool chic Avrora is perfect to be your cool girlfriend. She loves partying, getting social with people and will definitely take you to places where you can loosen up your spirit and get lost in her beautiful arms. When it comes to personal service, Avrora will start with gentle kissing and prompting you to fondle her tits at the same time. Once naked, she would like you to go for whole body and then spread her legs like an open flower for coupling. She prefers making out in missionary position than any other one. She is also good in oral job. In-fact, you won’t find better performer than her. Please contact our agency in getting a date with her.

  • Age23
  • Weight52
  • Height169
  • Breasts3