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VIP escorts in Moscow

Bella, 22 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Bella is from Jordan and is working as professional Moscow escort for us. She has straight black hair, slender figure, good height and a nice bosom. Bella is quite keen to romance Russian men as she is extremely fond of them. In-fact, one of the reasons of settling down in Moscow was to get a chance of meeting her dream man. Unlike Europeans, Bella is a warm and caring person. She will touch your heart when you meet her. She is the right girl to date if you are having a bad day in office. You would love every moment of spending time with her. In-fact, won’t even know when your time is over while resting in her lovely arms. She likes to get naughty with you in bed. Her love skills include deep French kissing, whole body kissing, sensual massage and finally getting intimate through KS or missionary positions. Please call us or drop an email to get a date with Bella. She will give you a feeling of true love in this world which has become quite a rarity nowadays.

  • Age22
  • Weight52
  • Height170
  • Breasts2