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Ilva, 23 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Hello darling. I am Ilva, an experienced model who works full time as escort in Moscow. I have been working as a model for more than 4 years, travelling around the world and working for a lot of beauty, fashion and travel brands. I love meeting new people and sharing knowledge and experiences. I am a very open girl and love learning about culture and history. I offer full services. My profile is the girlfriend you would love to have. I am loving, close, listener and clever. I love caresses, kisses and nice conversations. My prefered date starts in a dinner or a walk around the city. I adore knowing a bit about you before sharing intimate moments. This said, what I really love is sex. I use to have a lot of boyfriends when I went to school, and I had a lot of experiences during my life that made me explore all my sexuality and understand that it's something that makes me feel really good. I want to enjoy it all the time. So, if you only are looking for a girl to have fun, I am your choice too. I am a tall girl, ideal for taking me to an event or a special party you want to be accompanied by a precious and educated lady. Let me be your escort in Moscow today, I am sure you won't be dissapointed. Spending time with me is a complete experience, both personally and sexually. Big kisses!

  • Age23
  • Weight50
  • Height167
  • Breasts2