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Anita, 22 years old VIP escort in Moscow
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Anita is one of our prettiest VIP escorts in Moscow. She comes from the Netherlands and is a young, beautiful and refined girl who will take your date to another level. Meeting Anita is not only a date, but an experience. She is a clever girl and you will learn a lot from her. She recently finished her studies in Business and has been working as a professor since she was 16. She's cultured and will have really fluent and interesting conversations with you. Anita is perfect if you are looking for a girlfriend experience. She's that kind of girl who will take of everything in a date. She will know how to help you when you're in doubt, take care of you when you need something and satisfy you whenever you need it. With her astonishing and precious face, she will seduce you from the very first time. Once you see her smiling, you won't forget that mouth in your life. Her big rounded eyes staring at you will drive you crazy and you'll only be imagining yourself spending your life with her. She's adorable, nice, kind and close. She loves kissing, passion and is very committed in her relationships. She really feels what she does and you will think that you're with your real girlfriend during her company. If you are looking for hard sex, fast and empty relationships, Anita is not your choice. She loves what she does and provides a romantic plus emotional experience. Take your dreams to another level with an escort in Moscow like Anita today.

  • Age22
  • Weight53
  • Height170
  • Breasts2