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Learn more about the services of our VIP escorts in Moscow

We know that it's not easy to choose among all the VIP escorts in Moscow that are working for us. Even if you already decided which is you prefered escort to date, it's really useful to know a bit more about how that girl performs her services.

That's one of the reasons why we decided to create this page. We want to help you to decide. You can read here different reviews that our customers send related to how was their experience with our escorts, what is the best and the worst of every girl, etc..

The other reason to create this section is that we always want to improve our escort services. We need to know what our VIP escorts in Moscow are doing well and not so well. We want to hear from your own how nice was your date and how happy you are after meeting one of the ladies. There's no other way to do better our job. You are our priority. Always.

So, if you already had a date with one of our girls, write your review of a VIP escort in Moscow and it will be published as soon as we read it. If you just want to read reviews, choose an escort name below and see what other customers have experienced with her.

Date of Visit: 2018-06-07; Name: Brad Wallack; Escort name: Anna

Anna, I really enjoyed the time with you. Your wonderful appearance drew me to you, but the way you treated me like a king from the moment I walked in until the moment I left will keep you forever in my heart. In addition, you made me feel young again, like you. As a 50 year old man, there aren't too many women that can bring me to orgasm three times in one night the way you did. I had a lot of fun with all that you led me to do on our first date, and our second and third dates were sublime lovemaking. Gentlemen, if you want to be treated like a king and granted your way with a spectacular Russian escort, see Anna. I realize that seeing Anna through this agency costs about five times what it would cost to bang a hot Russian model, and I am sure that there are men that have fucked her for less money. But for $1,000/night you don’t get girls like her in the US and I am not coming to Russia again. She is probably the last 19 year old I will ever fuck so I felt totally fine spending the extra money. It's no accident that I have taken so long to write this review. I did not want anyone else to have her on my account while I was still in Moscow. Anna met me at my hotel, I left access for her, so when I returned from the soccer game, she was already dressed and ready for me in my room. We started off with sincere, simple conversation. I felt that she was honest with me about herself and I was honest with her, even using my real name. We talked for about half an hour before I even touched her. Actually she touched me first, rubbing my neck while she faced me. That set me up perfectly to kiss her which I did. She and I kissed slowly for a long time. I have been with many women since I was divorced twenty years ago and had a vasectomy after my third kid at age 29. Despite these many women, kissing Anna was one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life. The way she kissed me and seemed to enjoy intimacy with me made me feel that this would be a very special experience indeed. After kissing her and realizing that she had a sweet heart and enjoyed our connection I thought that perhaps I should tip her. I didn’t want her to think I was paying for the kiss, so I pretended that I had forgotten. I told her sorry, and ran to the safe to pull out 30,000 Rubles, about $500. I told her that I liked to tip in advance, and that I was sure I would tip more at the end. I don’t know how much the agency takes from her, but she turned red, her chest was flush and she seemed overwhelmed by the tip. I took both of her hands and said really, this is for you and I will give you more after our date. She looked me in the eye, looking weepy and said Spasiba. I told her to put the money in her purse so she would not forget in the morning. She did and then came back explaining that I was a real prince to be so generous with her and that she would love to earn my affection, not for more money but to show her appreciation for what I had done for her. This felt like the best $500 I had ever spent and I had not even seen her naked yet. She apologized and said that she wished she could give me more than sex, but that is really all she can give me. She told me that anything goes, the 30,000 covered all the extras, and is there anything special I want? I told her we would play it by ear. My Russian was not that good so I am not sure that translated ok, she tugged on her ear, looking quizzical. I think she thought I would fuck her ear. I fucked her everywhere else, but I did not put my dick in her ear. She asked me how I wanted to start. I told her I did want a chance to enjoy her mouth on my dick for a few minutes, as a preview to things to come, but after that I wanted to go dancing before we got serious. She got on her knees right away and unbuttoned me. She is a great dick sucker and had me ready to come within minutes. I pulled her off and said change of plans, I need to fuck your pussy before we dance. I bring my own ultrathin condoms that I prefer and I pulled one out. Before I opened it, she said Wait, and went to the bathroom. When she came back she had the mouthwash and an empty glass. Then she went back to sucking me for a minute until I was very hard again. Next she went down on my ass, rimming me, sticking her tongue into my asshole. No woman has ever done that to me. She was stroking me the whole time, keeping me rock hard. It felt like I was on Viagra. But really I was just on Anna, this fantastic young girl licking my ass and stroking my rock hard cock. She then gargled some mouthwash, spit it out, drank some water, spit that out, and put the condom on me with her mouth. I don’t know how many men she has seen but she really has a way with a dick for a 19 year old. She is very confident. We moved from the couch to the bed and she climbed right on top of me. I said let’s go slowly and she did, she moved so slowly, pulling my cock deep inside her pussy which was soaking wet. I know most professionals use lube but I don’t think she did that night. I know she did not on the other nights we were together. Her pussy felt more wet than anything else. She was tight, but not as tight as one might expect from a 19 year old. I want to stress, I was not disappointed one bit, her labia were swollen and hungry from the second she rubbed me around the outside and I slid right in. I know that pussies don’t really loosen up from getting fucked, I think she was just naturally very wet and that position of her being on top really opened her up. Still, I got turned on thinking about all the men that must have pounded her already and how many dicks she had sucked in her young life. After just a few minutes of her riding me, I was super hard and close to coming again. I pulled her off of me and panted a bit to get my breath back. She liked that, and kept her hand on my dick, enjoying my hardness. I took a few more deep breaths and was able to recuperate, but I felt the end would be close if I fucked her pussy more. She flipped over on her stomach and looked at my slyly. I assumed she wanted doggy style, and I climbed up on her ass and slid my dick right in her, she felt much much tighter now. No she said, I want you to fuck my ass. Wow. I have not done that for a long time I thought, remembering the last girl I fucked in the ass, about fifteen years earlier, a woman pregnant with another man’s kid. I said OK, let me get some lube. No she said, my ass does not need artificial lube, I really enjoy it, just go slowly at first. OK I thought, that’s new. I rubbed my cock around her asshole and began to push in. It seemed to me like it must hurt but she encouraged me to keep it there and slowly work it in. I did that for a few minutes, pulling out a little, then going deeper than before. Finally she seemed more comfortable. Her ass was really tight but somehow I was still able to slide in and out. She turned back and said, now you can fuck my ass however you want. This was sexy. I pounded her for a few minutes and was getting really hard and really close. The way her ass gripped me at the base of my dick was really really tight, the rest of her asshole was snug and nice around my cock while I fucked her. I told her I wanted to come all over her. She said where? I said, where am I allowed to? She said anywhere except my bare pussy and asshole.. I wanted to come in her mouth and on her face and told her so. She said yes of course honey, I want your big first load all over my face and I want to taste you too. I said, can I make you come by fucking you or can I go down on you. I want you to come if you can. She said, either one works for me. Why don’t you do whatever you like? I pulled out of her tight ass, took off the condom and flipped her over. Her pussy was really really wet and she tasted very sweet. Young pussy always tastes better. I was humping the bed, keeping my cock hard while I licked her and fingered her asshole, just inside the tight part, with another finger in her pussy while I licked her clit. She was involuntarily convulsing down there, pussy and ass and I felt she was close. I said I want to fuck your pussy some more and she agreed, asking for just another minute of what I was doing. At my age, the only young women I fuck are hookers and I usually don’t go down on them. The thirty and forty something women I see sometimes enjoy receiving oral but usually they want to get fucked more than anything else. It felt really good to have Anna ask for more pussy licking. After a few more minutes she felt close to coming. I put on another condom and climbed up on top of her missionary position. She’s really slender and felt fragile this way. I asked if she wanted me in her ass or pussy, she said pussy, I am really close to coming. I slid right in without waiting and she gasped. She felt so tight like this and began convulsing right away, coming as I pounded her as hard as I could. When I finished she looked at me laughing, saying she usually doesn’t come with clients. She asked if I came and I fucked her some more, my hard dick all the way inside her as an answer. She asked if I still wanted to put my load on her face and I said yes. I fucked her hard for a few more minutes to get as close as I could and then pulled out and pulled off the condom. She got on the floor on her knees and looked up at me smiling with her eyes and with her mouth wide open. She licked my balls and I flipped back on the bed so she could work her way down to my taint and asshole again, sexily calling the come up from deep within me. I said I am close I am close and she worked her way back to my balls before assuming the position on the floor again. I jerked myself off while she held my balls and I unloaded a wave of ejaculate on her face, in her left eye and I got a few squirts in her mouth. I know I have more cum I said, and she just said, I want it. I put my dick back in her mouth and she sucked me some more until I was squirting again. I pulled out and came in her other eye and all over her face. I wiped it off her face and eyes into her mouth and she sucked and swallowed it all. Well that’s a lot of words about my first of three orgasms on my first date with Anna. Later that night we fucked again, finishing in a condom in her ass and then in the morning I fucked her for a very long time before I came in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy every minute that my dick was inside her and it was her idea to swallow in the morning, saying she wanted to take the taste of me with her. She is a special girl. Treat her right fellas! I will write about one of our other dates later.

Date of Visit: 2018-03-03; Name: Abhay; Escort name: Sasha

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Date of Visit: 2018-01-03; Name: Brian; Escort name: Rada

Mini Mássage,oral without condom and sex

Date of Visit: 2016-05-06; Name: Rocky; Escort name: Barbara

She looks very pretty. She has very beautiful face and her boobs wow so soft and juicy. She sucked my dick so hard I cum in her mouth and she sollowmy cum. I fucked her ass anal sex.

Date of Visit: 2015-08-08; Name: Aramazd Gagarin, Russia; Escort name: Jessica

A great partner for dinner date. She arrived on time, dressed up nicely for occasion and strike conversation quite well. She is quite educated too. She has done post graduation in Physics. The night with her was quite sweet. She likes tender and sweet kisses on her body and prefers anal sex in missionary position. She doesn’t like oral job at all. I tried to push my organ inside her mouth, but she bluntly refused it. Except that, night was really great with her. Aramazd Gagarin, Russia

Date of Visit: 2015-07-28; Name: Kliment Zotov, Russia; Escort name: Riona

Most elegant lady I have ever met in my life. She has an hour glass figure. She really enjoys when you kiss her on neck and hold her tight in your arms. Her lips are really soft which I couldn’t stop kissing. She likes to be dominated in bed. Overall, a nice girl to sleep with after a tiring day in office.

Date of Visit: 2015-07-10; Name: Kenta Matsuoka, Japan; Escort name: Anita

Anita is perfect for playing your fantasy girl. In my case, she played a hot nurse whom I tied to the bed, ripped her clothes apart and kissed her nude body passionately. She is perfect girl to satisfy your wild sexual fantasies. You must book her if you want to satisfy your hidden burning desires.

Date of Visit: 2014-07-31; Name: Stephen; Escort name: Jane

What an excellent experience - this girl has high energy and a desire to please and relax you. There are few who are as close as Kate when it comes to passion and eagerness to set your heart aflame. I would say that the experience made up for any insincerity on the part of VipMoscow!

Date of Visit: ; Name: Ian Latham, New Zealand; Escort name: Duci

We went for dinner cum bed service. The way she takes off her clothes is really amazing. Her tits are marvelous. I couldn’t stop myself playing with her tits. After that, we had sexual intercourse in Rocking Horse, Splitting Bamboo. It was the first time I had sex in KS position. It was marvelous. Overall, I would like to say that if you are looking for some adventure in bed, she is perfect for you. Ian Latham, New Zealand

Date of Visit: ; Name: Artyom Podoski, Russia; Escort name: Glen

I booked her as girlfriend for one night. We went to pub to loosen up and then had really amazing sex in her apartment. She likes kissing on neck and breasts. We were so drunk that we didn’t try new positions, had sex in anal position. She moans sweetly when you fuck her. It was really nice time with her. I would recommend it to others too. Artyom Podoski, Russia

Date of Visit: ; Name: Ann Su-Ann, China; Escort name: Gwen

t was a really lovely time with Marika. I booked her for company as a solo traveler. We went to all famous places in Moscow, dine in a restaurant and had rocking time in bed. We went for whole body, kissing and anal sex in missionary position. She really likes when some fondle or suck her tits. You must book her in case you are travelling solo and looking for a company of beautiful girls. Ann Su-Ann, China

Date of Visit: ; Name: Peter Slovoski, Russia; Escort name: Rada

One of the nicest butt of a girl, I have ever seen. She is really a good kisser. We went for whole body, kissing cum anal sex with women on top position. The way she moves on your cock is really amazing. Peter Slovoski, Russia

Date of Visit: ; Name: Ashish; Escort name: Pata

How much you will charge for a night or for 2 hours ??

Date of Visit: ; Name: jimy; Escort name: Benedetta

how are you ? im jamal from dubai ( U A E ).. i saw your advertising and i love to invite you and may be with girl friend her to dubai for 7 -10 daysdays what is your terms ? write me please with your real photos, info, terms i can do all for your trip ( visa if needed, tickets, hotel ).. my mobile/whats up is ( + 971 567 660 213 ) with regards jamal

Date of Visit: ; Name: KreditOnlinee2019; Escort name: Jessica

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Date of Visit: ; Name: shahab; Escort name: Kika

dear I'm in crown plaza and like to meet a nice girl with following services (ORAL, ANAL,..) And I want to be health and you can speaking english. If above condition is Ok, email to manage

Date of Visit: ; Name: cem; Escort name: Marina

hi my name is cem..really you are so nice...i wanna be with you...can you give me info for price?thx.

Date of Visit: ; Name: Mr. sun; Escort name: Neroli


Date of Visit: ; Name: Kubilay; Escort name: Diora

i'm in turkey/istanbul...for 2 much money??? (sorry google translate)

Date of Visit: ; Name: Juan pablo; Escort name: Neroli

I am in Moscow and would like to request your services

Date of Visit: ; Name: alvaro cavero; Escort name: Kristal

i would like to make a threesome with Kristal and a girlfriend, with real lesbian sex, oral withouth condom and cum in mouth. Im the executive vicepresidente of a french company and will be one week per month in moscow, and looking for company, not only sex but dinner and spend some time talking, I speak english frenchs, spanish and portuguese, I like slim blond ladies with natural brest, bisuexals and funny. for me sex is fun not only sex. please contact me to give you my hotel and room number for a meeting tomorrow around 6 pm. and give me the name of the girl choosen by kristal con acompaigne her regards alvaro

Date of Visit: ; Name: fet; Escort name: Cambrie

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Date of Visit: ; Name: LarzyTIB; Escort name: Babita

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Date of Visit: ; Name: RamozsmEcY; Escort name: Angel

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Date of Visit: ; Name: ZanielHes; Escort name: Meryl

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Date of Visit: ; Name: dedicthire; Escort name: Zarina

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Torrent_Hit; Escort name: Alla

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Torrent_Hit; Escort name: Vika

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Hahatone_Rus; Escort name: Valentina

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Hahatone_Rus; Escort name: Pata

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Date of Visit: ; Name: dedicthire; Escort name: Zara

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Paul; Escort name: Anna

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Date of Visit: ; Name: dedikthire; Escort name: Tanya

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Fatima; Escort name: Katya

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Date of Visit: ; Name: KenaPew; Escort name: Gwen

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Date of Visit: ; Name: JossaHoany; Escort name: Melanie

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Date of Visit: ; Name: DennisScarm; Escort name: Julia

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Karl from Vienna, Austria; Escort name: Avrora

i didn't expect anything so special this night. i wanted just to enjoy an evening/night in Moscow. i came from the Philippines on my way home to Austria and stayed overnight after the long flight. Then i overslept and missed my connection flight in the morning and prolonged for another night and was looking for some kind of evening entertainment and relaxation. So i booked Avrora and invited her for dinner in a fancy restaurant. She was so sexy - much more than on the pictures. She gave me the feeling of being in paradise already in the restaurant without doing anything specific in the beginning. One small touch here and accidentally she came close there and i could smell her perfum - she is so feminine. Then i couldn't wait until we reached the hotel room. Her oral job was so juicy and so slow and with so much feeling. It was really divine and better than anything in my life before in spite of more than average experience as a womanizer and may girls and 4 marriages behind me. After an incredible tender loving and kissing better than any real girlfriend could do it she spread her legs so inviting which let me feel so strong that she wants me. Then i had an incredible love experience leaving Avrora and Moscow in unique memories. i can just say "Wow! & Thank you!"

Date of Visit: ; Name: Raymonduntog; Escort name: Kristal

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Normanmot; Escort name: Jane

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Normanmot; Escort name: Barbara

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Normanmot; Escort name: Dora

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Normanmot; Escort name: Tamara

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Date of Visit: ; Name: KAMAL; Escort name: Barbara

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Date of Visit: ; Name: xavier; Escort name: Nina

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Date of Visit: ; Name: NetoveskAscetle; Escort name: Natalia

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Date of Visit: ; Name: Alexander; Escort name: Cambrie

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