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Some men get attracted to a strong, dominant fiery kind of lady. If you fall in this kind of category; then you should consult Spicy Hot Escort Agency for meeting your desirable woman. Vipmoscow Escort agency boasts of strong, independent, sexy woman who likes to play your submissive girlfriend. Most of our escorts are models; national level sports players, ex-army girls and woman from other profession who are fond of getting naughty with men. They have great height, well toned muscular body and are natural busty. Our girls do various exercises such as yoga, dancing, aerobic etc to keep themselves in shape. Our escorts are fond of socializing with you too especially romantic dinner date, having some drinks in vodka and showing their sexy dance moves in discotheques are some of their favourite activity. In-case, you are looking for a chill out session after office hours; our escort can take you to best places of the city where you can have lot of fun in her lovely arms. All our escort girls are in early twenties and are oozing with sexiness. In-fact, you won’t resist the temptation of touching them once open themselves to you. Our girls love it when you run your firm hands over their soft skin, shower them with soft kisses and gently lay them on bed to get intimate with them. Overall, our escorts are expert in whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games that involves bondage, kissing and finally open themselves to let your organ in. So, select your lovable lady from gallery section and call us or drop an email to reserve a date with your likeable courtesan in shortest time possible.

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A night with an Adult Movie Director

It was the best sexual experience of my life. I felt fortunate to spend night with a leading Hollywood director who expertise in flaunting woman curves. He booked me for a romantic dinner date cum love service. I arrived in his hotel restaurant on time. The guy pulled out a chair like a true gentleman as I arrived in the restaurant. We had an interesting conversation over dinner about movies, awards and celebrities gossips. Best thing is that he told me everything about Hollywood celebrities’ affair, casting couches and untold stories which I haven’t heard before. After dinner, we went to his hotel suite to have more fun. The guy requested me to take a shower, as he wanted to see me sexy wet. I obliged him and came out of shower wearing a sexy bath robe. I wore nothing except undergarments beneath my bath robe. The director took me to his bedroom and made me sit there. He admired my beauty for some time till he fondled my lovely hair. He came beside me and kissed me passionately on lips. It was an awesome experience when he kissed me passionately on lips. He looses the tie of my bath robe and gently laid me on the bed. He ran his hands all over my body from top to bottom. I got pretty much excited when he gave me a full body massage. Then, he came on top of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. Our kiss was pure magical and we kept our lips locked for some time. He lifted me in his arms and rolled his tongue all over my long neck. While kissing, he unbuttoned my bra and fastened his lips on my soft bosom. He kept on sucking my tits till my nipples became erected hard. While doing this, he turned me upside down and kissed my bare back feverishly. He kept kissing my back while his hands juggled my bosom. For some time, he ran his hands over my butt and spread my legs wide open. His dick slipped like molten butter inside my body. He kept moving his dick in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body. After that, the director went to a deep sleep beside me. I saw him writing feverishly as I woke up. I put my arms around his shoulder and saw him writing a sex scene. He smiled at me and told me that he was stuck in midway of writing a story and decided to visit escort to get some idea while making love. He thanked me a lot for getting him over the mind block about his script. In-fact, he promised me to consider me for a suitable role in his movie in future. I jumped with excitement when he said this and gave him a warm kiss on the lips. After that, the guy went back to his artistic world. I hope he consider his option and launch me in his movie. It would be dream come true for me. I wish it became true.

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