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We are working as escort girl provider for more than 5 years. Currently, we boast of more than 20 female escorts working for us. We provide our lovely ladies for girlfriend or newly wedded wife experience, romantic dinner, attending an important function or for casual sexual encounter.

We are two close friends who were quite popular among boys in college days. We went out with boys on date; attend dance parties on daily basis. We liked so much getting attention from guys that we give a serious thought of pursuing this field further. One day an idea popped in my mind of starting our own escort agency. I discussed it with my friend and she really liked it too. Thus, we opened our own escort firm having no experience at all.

But, our ride has not been smooth. We have to face lot of hurdles in getting apartment on rent, marketing ourselves and getting appointment from clients. Initially both of us worked as escort and have to deal with lot of cheap men who treated us quite shabbily. But our patience, good service and continuous hard work really worked wonder for us. And, now we are quite famous for our excellent service not only in Russia but all over Europe too.

Rob & Tracy on Vacation

After spending a couple of years hanging out on AOL and then the net, my eyes were really opened to the world of sex. I read about stuff and talked to people who had done things that I'd never thought about before. And you know what? It made me horny. My wife of 10 years is a beautiful woman but 10 years of marriage threw us into a plain jane routine. But now I was imagining us trying all kinds of things but mostly I wanted her to fuck another man while I watched. After carefully bringing up the subject and asuring her that I wouldn't be jelous, we began fantasising about it together. While fucking she would tell me how she'd love some strange cock pounding in and out of her. It was great, she would use the foulest language I've ever heard to describe what she would do with him.

We both agreed that on our next vacation (in Bermuda) we would give it a try since we were both so turned on by the idea. Well, the trip came and we were having a great time. and three days into our trip we were able to act out our fantasy (and then some) We were laying on the beach soaking up the sun and teasing each other. I told my wife she should walk back to the bar near the beach and hunt for a man while I waited on the beach for her. She asked me one last time if I was sure and as I said yes I could see her nipples harden under the thin material of her suit. She quickly got up and headed towards the bar in just her bikini. No towel, no coverup, she looked great! From my vantage point on the beach, I could se her take a seat at the bar and order a drink. Not two minutes go by and a goodlooking younger man sits down next to my wife. "This is it" I thought if she is going to go through with it we'll know soon.

They seemed to strike up a conversation and the young guy, he must have been about 26yr to our 34yr, moved very close to my wife. They chatted for about an hour then he got up and left. My wife walked back to me with a happy/nervous/guilty smile on her face. "lets go" she said as she quickly gathered our things, "he's comming over in a half hour" "You're kidding?" I said,"I thought you struck out". "No way, and I could see the outline of his cock through his suit, he is a horse!" Back to our room we raced. Tracy jumped into the shower while I worked on a game plan. She didn't tell him she was married but didn't say she wasn't either but I thought it was best to be out of site. When Tracy got out of the shower she told me that she would greet our new friend totally nude at the door. "I want him to know exactly why he's here" My cock started to stir at the thought of my hot little wife inviting a stranger into her room totally nude. What a turn on! I was going to wait on the balcony which had a very nice view of the bed. Shortly there was a knock at the door, Tracy looked through the peep hole to see if it was our boy and then she let him in.

One look at her was all he needed, he was all over her, kissing her, tasting her nipples, he even got on his knees to taste her cunt right there in the doorway. Finally my wife moved back to the bed and layed across it invitingly. I still was in mild shock that she was going through with it. She must have been wanting a strange cock more than I knew! Anyway, Andy, that's his name, stripped out of his clothes like lightning and boy did he have a cock! It had to be a true 10" and quite thick. My 7" just didn't measure up. he kissed his way up and down her body until they found their way into a 69, Tracy on top. She was grinding her well trimmed cunt down onto Andy's face while fightingmost of his cock down her throat. I was able to see every minute of it. People on other balconies may have thought I was a peeping tom but I didn't care, the show was terrrific. So I'm watching my wife slurping this huge cock when suddenly she starts to cum. She is grunting and begging for more from another man's tongue and I'm loving every minute. Seconds after she stops cumming his cock explodes and to my compete amazement, my wife gulps down his whole load. I was floored, she swallows my cum once in a blue moon but this stud she eat like a pro. And she didn't stop there, she kept right on sucking him until he was hard again then asked him in her sweet little voice to fuck her with that big cock of his. He was ready and pulled my wife under him and parted her thighs, putting her ankles on his shoulders he aimed for her soaking wet slit. I had a great view of this and saw her cunt stretch wide to let him in.

He was soon pounding away at her and her moaning never stopped. Being on his second load he was able to last a good long time and my wife came 3 more times before he finally filled her cunt with more of his seed. After resting for 15 minutes or so her got dressed and left. I hoped right into our room and asked my wife if she liked it (knowing by her moaning that she did). She said it was great knowing I was watching and asked if I would fuck her because she was still horny. I quickly dropped my pants (not removing them or taking off my shirt) and pushed her back down on the bed. This was going to be a pure cheap fuck, I imagined her as a prostitute and I was just there for myself. I slipped right into the combined mess that was their cum in her cunt and started pumping, she felt loose because of the monster cock before me but after 10 or so strokes she came again then I pulled out and shot my load over her face and tits. She was surprised at this but not unhappy. As we both came down from this great experience, I rubbed my cum into her chest and then drifted to sleep.

I always like to get a perfect sex experience. I like hot sex activities very much. I’m also a professional escort. I have already gained lots of amazing sex experience in my profession. One day, a handsome man offers me to full-fill his sex desire. Actually, he was having some problem with his girlfriend.

So he wants to have sex with me to forget his bad moments. He also offers me to sex in the tent. I immediately agree with his proposal. I also want to have a sex experience in the tent. That’s why; I don’t like to ignore such a lovely offer.

He arranges all the things perfectly. When we came to our desire place, it’s almost midnight. We are ready to have a great moment. Then, we enter into the tent. The tent was not so big, but we like that tent very much. The environment was perfect for us. First, he kisses my lips tries to impress me. I also want to get the full amount of sex satisfaction from him. Then he removed my clothes. He performs all the things so efficiently, that’s why I don’t feel uncomfortable.

He kisses my forehead holds my hands so strongly. He sucks my nipple so romantically. That was a great boobs sucking experience for him. Then he hugs me strongly. I also played with his nice and strong cook. I suck his cook seriously help him to get a suitable romantic mood. Now it’s the time to enjoy a great sex. Therefore, he inserts his cook into my vagina. His cook was so strong. His cook was also very long. His long strong cook helps me to get unlimited enjoyment. We had great fun that night. His truly amazing cook gives me a great intercourse experience. I got great pleasure from him. He tries his best to get 100% sex, excitement I also try my best to help him to forget his pain. After enjoying a great sex experience, he sleeps beside me. I also sleep with him that night in the tent. Before going into the deep sleep, I kissed him again. The most pleasurable thing for me is that, he told me his girlfriend was not able to give him such kinds of enjoyment. He told me that, I’m really very perfect as a sex partner. His comment makes me so excited. I really feel very proud. He again told me that, if he hires an escort in the near future, then I’ll be his number one choice. I also have a lovely experience to sleep with him. He is very efficient in the bed. He completed all the process efficiently. I also understand that, he got great enjoyment by having sex with me. My main priority was in full-fill his desire perfectly I completed my duty successfully. I’m really very eager to have this type of sex experience in my life again again. I’m always ready to full-fill his sex desire. I also feel very proud to share this amazing experience with all of you.

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